We are Gunstar Studio, an indie studio based in Seville. We started working on Phobos Vector Prime, our first game, on June 2016. Later, in January 2017, PlayStation Spain elected us to join the PS Talents Games Camp program, a workspace for the development and annual launch of innovative games. Maybe you remember 'The Last Starfighter', a 1984's film. Was about an arcade machine with a space game that had the function of reclute players to convert them on space pilots. In the film are a spaceship called Gunstar that it's capable of both short and long-range space fight, also the ship it's controlled by two operators. We think that represents perfectly the idea of our team, a versatile studio based on the teamwork who really loves the '80s and the arcade aesthetics.

"They’ve nailed the 80’s vibe really well"

The Sixth Axis

"Simple but no easy"

Alfa Beta Juega

"Old school arcade-y feel"


"Phobos Vector Prime is a game that I want to have in my collection"

El Último Pixel

"The soundtrack kept me rocking while playing"

PS4 Blog

"Nothing to envy other current shoot'em up"

Gamepro TV

How to Model a Realistic Low Poly Spaceship

See how we’ve developed a Low Poly Spaceship by using Cinema 4D, ZBrush, UVLayout, Maya, X Normal, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter and Unity 3D. Hi everyone! In this Dev Blog we’re going to show you how to model a Low Poly Spaceship from scratch, in a simple and useful way. For us this is a […]

Phobos Vector Prime is now available on PS4™!

Phobos Vector Prime, the frenzied space shoot’em up developed by the indie team Gunstar Studio, is now available on PS4™ across Europe at a recommended price of € 9.99 / £ 7.99 and PEGI 7. This nostalgic videogame combine the classic mechanics of the great arcade titles of the 80s with the MOBA’s strategy adapted […]