Devlog #1 – Meet Gunstar Studio

Hello everyone! Although our work in the making of Phobos is hard, we made some time to document our experience in a devlog series. We want you to make part of our creative journey behind our project. Our first video is meant to introduce ourselves, showing you who are we and whose are we influenced by. Also, you’ll know why our game studio is called like that.


There’s still a lot of work to do, but we want to post a brand new devlog from time to time, and showing you our progress in Phobos Vector Prime. Over the next few months we’ll let you know about our new steps in our adventure and some facts and details about us and our game, so stay tuned! Don’t miss anything anymore by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and signing up in our new newsletter!

Thanks for following us, see you in the next video!

– Gunstar Studio

About the author: Manu Delgado Osuna

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